Feb 132012

Jalon Valley Help volunteers have once again demonstrated their support for Fontilles. In recognising the importance of their efforts in caring for the sick and elderly, the local charity has again provided financial assistance. 

Elaine Horton, Vice President of Jalon Valley Help, pictured here with Father Jose Luis Beneito, was privileged to hand over, on behalf of their volunteers, the sum of five thousand euros and in so doing took the opportunity to congratulate the staff of Fontilles on the work they do.

“Fontilles,” she said “Is a truly remarkable place and a visit here is a humbling experience. Tucked away in the mountains, Fontilles, a world authority on the treatment of Leprosy and the diseases that arise out of poverty, also provides accommodation for over 40 individuals in the hostel and in excess of 80 Alzheimer/geriatric patients in the Borja Unit. The environment provided is exemplary and is one of care and tranquillity, a testament to the hard work and commitment of all those who work here. They are clearly an example to us all.”