JALON VALLEY HELP is a charitable organisation run by volunteers



  1. To provide advice, assistance and support to those in need.
  2. To provide neighbourly assistance to people who are ill, disabled or housebound.
  3. To raise funds to support the most vulnerable in the community.
  4. To provide an opportunity to seek legal advice.

WE CANNOT make financial grants to individuals.

We work in conjunction with other charities, organisations and HELPs in the Marina Alta to give assistance wherever needed.



The membership fee is 5€ per annum (or part of a year) and anyone who would like to help us achieve our aims may become a member.

We are always looking for people who are willing to give their time in a variety of ways.
For example, we need volunteers – who do not necessarily have to be members – to:

  • work in our charity shops
  • assist at Casa de Ánimo
  • be drivers and/or interpreters to help with medical visits, etc
  • visit frail and isolated individuals living alone, to provide social contact and such support as is necessary
  • to organise or help at various fundraising events held throughout the year, such as the May Fayre, the Auction and the Christmas Bazaar.



Comprehensive accounts are maintained in line with the requirements of our Charity Registration, and they are published regularly.

The Treasurer records all income received and expenditure incurred by the organisation, and presents a Statement of Accounts for the previous financial year at each Annual General Meeting.



The Committee arranges an Annual General Meeting during the first Quarter of each year. All members and volunteers of Jalon Valley Help are invited to attend, but only members have the right to vote.

Committee meetings and meetings of volunteers are held regularly through the year.