2015 Photographic Competition


Photo Comp 2015This year, we have decided to hold a competition to choose some new images for the photographic greetings cards that sell so successfully in the Charity shops and at fundraising events – there will be prizes of 100€ and 50€ respectively for the first and second places.

The Competition is open until 30th September 2015 and the theme is ‘The Colours of the Costa Blanca’. Photographs may have been taken at any time in the past, and will need to be of one or more specified sizes to meet the printers’ needs in producing the cards – full details of these are shown on the entry form – click here to download.

When the photographs are all available selected members of Jalon Valley Help will choose about twelve that seem to be the most saleable, and from those a qualified photographer will choose the two that he or she feels to be ‘the best’ in all aspects – composition, technical expertise and impact – and they will receive cash prizes of 100€ and 50€ respectively. All photographers whose entries are used as cards will have their name printed on the back together with details of when and where the photo was taken, and an email or website address for contact if they so wish. In addition, the winners of the first and second prizes will have that fact acknowledged.

Since the pictures need to be of one or more specified sizes, it is possible that some cropping of entries may be necessary – in these circumstances the photographer will be contacted to discuss this before the picture in question is included in the final group. Entry to the competition implies that JVH will have the right to use the photographs for fundraising purposes, providing the photographer’s name is included.

For the moment, just get out and take some lovely, iconic, evocative, colourful pictures of the Costa Blanca! There is no need this year to restrict yourself to the Jalon Valley – the whole of the Costa Blanca awaits you!


Download your entry form, with all necessary details, here.